What Is The Biggest Football Crowd Ever?

With most leading football clubs throughout the world now playing in all seater stadiums it is unlikely that we will see record breaking attendances at football matches throughout the world.

In Europe FC Barcelona has the biggest football stadium and can hold 99,345 spectators although it is getting extended and will hold another 10000 people in the not too distant future. Barcelona doesn’t always sell out and in 2015 had an average of 77,000.

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NFL Returns To London

Hospitality packages to see the NFL in London including the Dolphins v JetsThe NFL returns to London this year with three games, two at Wembley and one at Twickenham. The first game is at Wembley between the Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars on 2nd October, then on the 23rd New York Giants take on Los Angeles Rams at Twickenham Stadium and then on 30th October the Washington Redskins take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Have You Considered Music Hospitality?

When people think of corporate hospitality the first events that tend to come to people’s minds are Six Nations rugby, Wimbledon and the cricket. All of which are great events to entertain your clients but are companies missing a trick by not considering music based events as a form of corporate hospitality?

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