2024 Monaco GP Yacht Hospitality

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Hospitality Packages
Monte Carlo, Monaco
23-26 May 2024

Looking for the ultimate hospitality experience?

Look no further than watching the thrilling Monaco Grand Prix on board one of our stunning prime position luxury yachts in Monaco harbour – ensuring you are as close to the action as possible in the most lavish surroundings.

Our Monaco Grand Prix yachts are moored in two of the very best locations: the mega-speedy straight between Chicane du Port and Tabac, a corner taken at up to 120mph; or between Tabac and Piscine, a super-fast left-right part of the course. You’ll hear and feel the whoosh and vibrations as the cars fly by!

On some of our yachts we also have a famous Formula One face giving a Q&A session to our guests. With our special VIP tickets and packages you and your guests will be treated throughout to a complimentary bar and delicious gourmet food.

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Packages

Monaco Grand Prix yacht packages are the ultimate hospitality F1 experiences in Monte Carlo. Indulge yourself and your clients on board a luxury yacht with a prime waterside location beside the famous track. VIP guests will enjoy transfers, champagne breakfast, gourmet food, complimentary bar, TV screens and F1 celebrity guest.


  • Early access to our luxury yacht each morning with prime location in Monaco harbour
  • Luxury speed boat tender transfers to and from the yacht each day
  • Race viewing from the luxury yacht which has a prime location
  • Excellent views of the large TV screens
  • Q&A with Formula One celebrity on either Saturday or Sunday
  • Complimentary bar throughout the weekend
  • Champagne breakfast upon arrival
  • Full gourmet luncheon served on board
  • Professional, bilingual event staff on hand throughout the weekend
  • Superb views of the world’s most famous street circuit
  • Race programme and ear plugs
  • Event management


We have master, VIP and standard double and twin cabins available throughout the weekend on our Monaco Grand Prix yachts. You can board on Wednesday and will enjoy five nights on board and of course get to watch the Grand Prix from on board as well as the practice and qualifying sessions which take place on Thursday,Friday and Saturday. You will enjoy dinner on the first evening, breakfast, an open bar and evening meals. Please ask for prices and full details.

Private Charter

If you are looking for the ultimate VIP experience at the Monaco Grand Prix we have over 100 yachts available for private charter.

A selection of photos from our yachts at the Monaco Grand Prix. Please click on photos to enlarge.

Monaco Grand Prix yacht packages Monaco GP Yacht VIP Packages 2021 yacht hospitality monaco grand prix 2021

monaco yacht hospitality 2021 Yacht Hospitality at the monaco grand prix 2021 monaco gp yacht hospitality package

Hospitality on our yachts start from 0900 and finishes at around 1800, races start from around 0930 on both days and the Grand Prix is at 1400 on the Sunday

We also have yacht parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights

Monaco GP Race Itinerary 2024

Saturday 25th May

09:00 – 09:25 Formula Renault 3.5 Qualifying Session Serie A
09:30 – 09:55 Formula Renault 3.5 Qualifying Session Serie B
11:00 – 12:00 Formula One 3rd Practice Session

16:10 – 17:00 GP2 Race

Sunday 26th May

09:45 – 10:20 Porsche Supercup Race (16 laps)
11:10 – 11:55 Formula Renault 3.5 Race (25 laps)
12:30 Formula One Drivers’ Track Parade



A Day On Board Our Yacht At The Monaco Grand Prix

It’s a day of refined tranquil luxury watching some of the most exciting sporting action on the planet, a day to look forward to and remember forever.

If you want glamour, prestige and an unbeatable adrenalin rush, this has to be the best there is – watching the Monaco Grand Prix from a luxury yacht that’s close enough to the action you can virtually feel the whoosh of air as the cars race by at 140mph. You’ll certainly hear the boom of their awe-inspiring power!

Delicious food and drinks served on board complete the millionaire feel of this day. From local French wines to fresh juice and then there’s the amazing food… mouthwatering lobster, quality meats, a variety of excellent cheeses. You won’t want to ever leave the yacht.

Monaco Hospitality Packages at the Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Charter

First raced in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is regarded as the most eminent and esteemed car race in the world. Taking place in May on the Circuit de Monaco, household names such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso will drive fast and hard in their Formula One (the highest class of single-seat auto racing) sleek machines.

All the racing-car action is on a slender course created around Monaco’s streets – that mean it’s a treacherous place to race. Only the very best high-speed drivers with their wits and skill fully about them can handle its many twists, turns and the famous tunnel.

trackside yachts

Rocket Hospitality’s yacht hospitality excitement starts at Fontvielle Harbour, the next bay from Monaco’s Port Hercules harbour. Keep an eye out here for famous Fontvielle residents such as former Wimbledon tennis champions Björn Borg and Boris Becker; and racing driver such as David Coulthard.

At 8.30am, you’ll make the 10-minute picturesque trip on a RIB lightweight high-performance boat to the harbour in Monaco where some of the most stunning yachts around are moored. A champagne breakfast greets guests to an amazing luxury yacht moored in a prime location in Monaco harbour (and with excellent views of the huge screens that show the build-up, entire race and celebrations afterwards).

Moored in two great locations, Rocket’s yachts view either the super-fast straight between Chicane du Port and Tabac, which is a tricky tight corner taken at about 120mph; or between Tabac and Piscine, a fast left-right section of the course.

There’s a complimentary bar throughout, delicious full gourmet lunch served on board, and friendly bilingual staff on hand to assist with anything to make the day go wonderfully. After the race has been won, at around 5pm it’s either time to return by the RIB boat to Fontvielle Harbour or get off the yacht to explore Monaco from there on foot.

It’s an easy enough place to get around. Neatly tucked away into less than a square mile, the world’s second-smallest country (after Vatican City) officially has a 38,500 population, but those numbers are greatly boosted by tourists who are drawn to Monaco’s splendour. It makes the nightlife absolutely fantastic and the streets are filled with happy party people.

Situated in the French Riviera, surrounded by a lovely landscape and facing into the tantalising turquoise Mediterranean Sea, Monaco enjoys a wonderfully warm climate (and for residents there’s also the attraction of paying no income tax!). Unsurprisingly there’s a fantastic choice of quality places to eat and a wide range of impressive architecture, including the well-known Monte Carlo Casino.

You could even have the chance of becoming one of those super-wealthy Monaco residents if you pay it a visit! Give it a go, you never know…

For prices, availability and further information on our 2024 Monaco Grand Prix yacht hospitality packages please email us at [email protected]