The Rio 2016 Olympics

It only seems like a few weeks ago when London hosted the Olympics in what was an enthralling Olympic games played in a great spirit and the weather wasn’t too bad either! Anyway in less than two years’ time Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympics and with it being in Rio it should be a great party atmosphere.

It’s the first time a South American country has hosted the Olympic Games and Brazil will be keen to put on a good show on behalf of South America. In 2016 over two hundred nations will be competing in up to thirty different sports with over three hundred gold medals up for grabs.

The first Olympics were held in Athens in Greece in 1896 and have been every four years since bar the time of the two World wars.

One of the most celebrated Olympians of recent years, Usain Bolt, will most probably be making his farewell appearance at the Olympics although he hasn’t decided whether he will be competing in the one hundred or two hundred metres yet.

If you are looking to travel to Rio for the Olympics we have a range of three, four and five star hotels available with some located on the iconic Copacabana beach. Please do contact a member of the team for details.

Anyway to sign off we will leave you with five Olympic stats which we doubt you will know, we didn’t know the answers till this morning!

Most decorated Olympian – Slovak gymnast Larisa Latynina who has won 18 medals
Longest match in wrestling – Lasted an astonishing eleven hours between Russia’s Martin Klein and Finland’s ­Alfred Asikainen  at Stockholm in 1912
Youngest Olympic champion – This honour falls to a French boy who aged just twelve was a cox for the Dutch team in 1900
Cost of an Olympic Stadium – The Olympic stadium in London cost £537 million to build
Oldest Olympian – This was Oscar Swahn, a Swedish shooter, who won the gold medal in 1972 in Antwerp aged 72.