Oktoberfest Packages

We are often asked by clients to recommend events abroad that are different to the norm. There are several great events abroad that we sell including the Prix De L’Arc, which is the most famous and richest horse race in Europe which takes place in Paris each year, the Cannes Film Festival, held in May each year with Hollywood’s A list all in attendance and the Monaco Grand Prix , the most glamourous sporting event in the world.

Oktoberfest HospitalityHowever the one event outside the UK that is a bit different and not in slightest bit sporty is the Oktoberfest held in Munich year. This beer festival attracts around five million people from all over the world who encompass themselves in Bavarian culture and drink,eat and party all weekend. There are several beer tents which we can book tables at such as Schottenhammel, Weinzelt and Hippodrom where you you will enjoy traditional German food and drink before we can take you to one of the Oktoberfest after parties.

We recommend staying for two nights. We can pick you up from the airport, take you to one of the city centre hotels which are only a short walk from the Oktoberfest tents. The best time to have a table reservation is in the evening so we recommend a Wiesn tour in the day, which is a humourous look at Oktoberfest, and then going to Oktoberfest to sample the atmosphere, go on a few rides before your table reservation in the evening.

The following morning, where we imagine there would be a few sore heads, we take you back to the airport for your journey home before hopefully seeing you the following year!

For prices, availability and further information on our Oktoberfest hospitality packages please email us at [email protected]