Can I Get Wimbledon Tickets On The Day?

can i get tickets on the day at wimbledon

It is possible to get Wimbledon tickets on the day, but only in that best traditional British way – of queuing. However, this is no ordinary queue and in fact this queue is so well known in Britain it’s even got a name: The Queue!

Wimbledon always ensures there’s a restricted number of tickets for every day of this world-famous sporting event – the planet’s oldest tennis tournament, started in 1877, and generally regarded as the most important.

can I get tickets to wimbledon on the day

Unsurprisingly every year demand for tickets exceeds the amount available. So forms The Queue, at the front of which will be the most dedicated who have queued overnight, with many sleeping out in little tents.

Others are advised to arrive as soon as possible before gates open at 9.30am. The best way to get there is by Tube: District Line to Southfields, then a 15-minute walk to The Queue entrance on Wimbledon Park Road.

It’s cash only if you do make it to the front, and keep in mind you’re only allowed to take in one bag. Don’t forget to pack refreshments and something to keep you warm and dry. This is, after all, the British summer! We’d also recommend packing plenty of patience and a sense of humour too…

In case you were wondering, you cannot save a place in The Queue for anyone else – except for 30 minutes maximum for refreshments and toilet breaks. Usually around 7:30am, stewards hand out to everyone queueing a card that’s dated and numbered to show your position. This is checked on entry.

getting your wimbledon queue ticket on the day of the tennisBut once Wimbledon is full, it’s a scenario of waiting for somebody to come out before they’ll let anyone else in. Keep an eye on The Queue latest here: .

Cheapest tickets are Ground Passes, between £8 and £25, depending on the day you visit – £25 for the first week, then dropping down in the second week as less play takes place outside of the biggest courts (for which you need more expensive and lucrative tickets).

Despite needing a lot of resolve it’s worth keeping in mind that the Wimbledon tennis tournament remains one of the few major UK sporting events where you can still pay cash to get in and a few minutes later be in awe at some of the world’s greatest sports stars. It will be a story you tell for years: that time you did manage to get Wimbledon tickets on the day.

Besides The Queue, the only other way you can get a Wimbledon ticket on the day is to marry one of the Royal Family… Even so, always check for rain!

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