How To Get Wimbledon Tickets – Your Guide

How to get Wimbledon ticketsIt’s not easy to get a ticket to The All England Tennis Championships. We give you the lowdown on how to get tickets for Wimbledon.

From ballots to the queue in Wimbledon Park to hospitality and debentures, there are several ways to obtain your ticket in 2017.

1. The AELTC Public Ballot

The official All England Lawn Tennis Club operates an annual draw for Wimbledon play on Centre Court, Court Numbers 1, 2 and 3.

UK Residents Ballot

The public ballot began in 1924 and is always hugely oversubscribed. The chances of receiving tickets are believed to be approximately 1 in 10.

Those wishing to enter the draw must request an application form (between August 1 and December 15 every year) from The Ticket Office, AELTC, P.O. Box 98, London SW19 5AE. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped 4 1/4″ by 8 5/8″ or DL size envelope. There is a separate ballot for wheelchair spaces.

Completed forms must be returned by December 31st. Late applications are rejected. Only one application per household is permitted.

It’s not possible to request specific dates or courts.

Successful applicants are randomly chosen by computer and will be notified in February with the court and date of play which has been allocated. If acceptable payment is made by credit/debit card online.

Visitors will not know the order of play until it is announced the evening before each day’s play.

Centre court tickets range from £50 – £160, Court 1 from £42 – £89, Court 2 from £37 – £64 and Court 3 from £39 – £64.

International (Non-UK) Residents Ballot

For those residents outside the UK there is a separate ballot online which runs from November to December 15.

2. LTA Ballot and Club Tickets

Those in the UK can join the Lawn Tennis Association for £25. The LTA ballot offers a draw for affiliated and non-affiliated British tennis members, coaches and administrators.

Many LTA-affiliated tennis clubs across the UK receive a small allocation of tickets for Wimbledon and will conduct their own ballot or distribution to players. Joining your local club may give you the opportunity to apply for a ballot however understandably long-term members may be given priority.

3. Join ‘The Queue’

get in the queue for 2017 wimbledon tickets‘The Queue’ for Wimbledon tickets is at Wimbledon Park (Church Road side).

It is one of the great traditions of The Championships and gets bigger every year.

One great way to keep updated with queue information and capacity announcements is by following ‘Wimbledon Queue’ on Twitter:

Payment is by cash only.

The Show Courts Ticket Queue

500 tickets are available daily for each court – Centre court (from £50), Court one (from £28) and Court 2 (from £37) however not for last 4 days as these are all pre-sold.

how to get tickets to wimbledon 2017For a chance of entry to the show courts you will need to camp and arrive in the queue by late afternoon/early evening the day before play.

Everyone in the queue receives a non-transferable number denoting your position.

Make sure you’ve stocked up on provisions as there is very little on sale except from standard burger vans. No tents bigger than 2 man size, BBQs or gazebos are permitted and there is a noise curfew imposed from 10pm.

Campers are woken at 0600 and from 0730 those lucky to be at the top of the queue will get wrist bands denoting their show court allocation.

Ground Pass Queue

how to get wimbledon ground pass tickets in 2017Around six thousand ground admission passes are available each day allowing unreserved seating and standing around outside courts 3-19. Grounds open from 1030 until 2300 or one hour after play finishes on the show courts. Play begins at 1130 apart from middle Saturday when junior matches begin at 1100.

Day queuers will need to arrive very early in the morning. If arriving at 7am visitors should get in by around 1pm.

Returned Show Court Tickets

Returned tickets for both Centre Court are Court 1 are available north of court 18 from around 3pm from £10 to £20 however you should get in line early for a chance of receiving one.

Entry after 5pm

Prices for Wimbledon ground passes are cheaper after 5pm and range from £5 – £18. Turning up after 5pm on the final Sunday (Men’s final) will get you entry to the ground for just £5. Watch the end of the final on Aorangi Terrace (Henman Hill/Murray Mound) and even see some veterans and junior finals on the outside courts.

4. Daily ticket sales on Ticketmaster

A few hundred tickets for Wimbledon Centre Court and Court number 3 are available on at 9am for the following day’s play.

get 2017 wimbledon tickets on ticketmaster

Waiting for these may prove risky as the tickets are usually snapped up instantly as hundreds of thousands of people hunt for the limited number.

5. Debenture Seats

Wimbledon debentures are the only seats available for sale in Centre Court or Court One prior to The Championships.

Debenture seats are the best lower level seats in the house and come with swing badges allowing holders to access to the relevant debenture lounge including bars, restaurants and cloakrooms.

How to get hospitality tickets to wimbledon 20176. Hospitality Packages

If you’re looking to enjoy the Championships in a bit of style, there are several hospitality packages available to guarantee your seat at Wimbledon every year.

The Skyview Suites, The Gatsby Club, The Lakeview Restaurant, The Wimbledon Club and The Wimbledon Experience offer fantastic VIP packages to suit different budgets and include food, drink and show court tickets.

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