What Are Football Hospitality Tickets?

champions league hospitalityFootball hospitality tickets are the best tickets in town – where you can see some of the world’s most celebrated stars from the finest seats in the stadium. They will ensure you and your colleagues, clients or friends have the most fantastic views of the match action.

But these experiences are about much more than the 90 minutes after kick-off. They’re also about being part of the anticipation, passion and excitement. They’re about having an experience together that everyone will talk about for years and remember forever.

Typically with a football hospitality ticket, you can get into the ground a couple of hours before a match starts to savour the ground and the atmosphere as it builds towards its kick-off crescendo. As well, you can take your time having a pre-match meal and drinks. And that doesn’t mean burgers: all the world’s biggest teams have top-class restaurants and refreshment facilities now.

manchester united football hospitality ticketsTo watch the match you can choose from such as a private box or the plushest seats in the ground. These are not just for the less prestigious matches either – think of the most passionate football games in the world – even in the Premier League or Spain’s La Liga – and you could be there, savouring the quality at everywhere from Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

For instance, with Spurs playing home games at Wembley this season, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them play at the world’s most famous football stadium. A Tottenham football hospitality ticket will typically give you champagne reception; three-course exclusive dining; complimentary drinks at the bar; and a match-day programme, team sheet and souvenir gift. Plus of course some of the best seats in the ground to watch the match.

largest football crowds everTypical European hospitality at the likes of mighty teams such as Real Madrid or Barcelona is similar. As an example, at Barcelona’s Nou Camp you could be part of a near 100,000 passionate Spanish crowd being wowed by footballing legends such as Messi and Iniesta.

Nou Camp private boxes are sumptuous and range in size from six to 16 people. You can expect complimentary beers, wines, cava and soft drinks, televisions, air-con and a relaxation area with comfy sofas.

Anyone who’s ever entered a ground on a football hospitality ticket will rave about the experience. They’re ideal for relaxed business chats or to thank clients and customers, or as an unbeatable bonding opportunity for colleagues and associates. Or simply to treat someone to something unforgettable on a special occasion.

After the excitement of a match, there’s no need to rush off to beat the crowds either. Football hospitality tickets mean you can spend an hour in the comfort of the ground having a post-match chat over drinks about that amazing goal, who should have scored and why it definitely was a penalty.

You’ll likely have had a better view than the ref so it could be a fair call!