What Have Been The Biggest Concerts Ever?

Throughout the world now there are lots of major artists and bands performing to sell-out crowds.

In the UK over the next few months artists such as Justin Bieber, Rod Stewart, Simply Red and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are all performing amongst other big names.

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The most popular venue in the UK now is the O2 Arena in London, which has a capacity of around 20,000. Most major worldwide artists have now performed there. Adele who played in March and April was the most popular artist who has ever appeared.

Wembley stadium still attracts major artists, this year Rhianna, Coldplay, Billy Joel and Beyonce all performed there and next June Jeff Wynn’s ELO are playing.

Wembley can hold 90,000 people but this doesn’t come close to some of the biggest concerts in history which are listed below:-

The Biggest Concerts Of All Time

3,500,000 Jean Michel Jarre & other artists – 850th birthday of Moscow – 1997

3,500,000 Rod Stewart – New Year’s Eve – Rio de Janeiro 1994

2,500,000 Jean Michel Jarre – A City in Concert – Paris 1990

1,600,000 Metallica, ACDC and The Black Crowes – Monsters of Rock- Moscow 1991

1,600,000 Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyke and Armin Van Buuren – Love Parade, Dortmund 2008

1,500,000 Rolling Stones – Rio de Janeiro 2006

1,500,000 Live 8 Charity Concerts – Philadelphia – 2005

1,400,000 Tiesto, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyke and Armin Van Buuren – Duisburg – 2010

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