What is the must see event to take clients to next year?

We get asked this a lot by our clients, who are looking to impress their clients, throughout the year and to be honest there is no correct answer as it depends on several key ingredients such as:-

Budget – A weekend on a yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix is a great way to entertain clients but it isn’t cheap and would clients be able to spend three nights away from work or their families? A day at Royal Ascot is much cheaper and has a great atmosphere and it could well be easier for your client to attend.

Event date – The Six Nations is really popular each year but the games fall at the weekend and getting clients to accept invites for events at weekends is often difficult.

Interests – Some people love a whole day at the cricket, some people would prefer to watch paint dry so the key is to find out what your client likes before inviting them to an event, this way there is a higher chance they will accept your kind invitation.

Client interaction – A day at the cricket would provide some quality time with your client as the day starts at around 930 and ends at 1900 whilst concerts tend to be in evening which would also give you less time with your client and they are also a lot louder which will also make things more difficult.

Generally though we have found that there are certain events that are popular each year as well as a couple of events that are one off.

Please see our current most popular events for 2017 below.

  1. Wimbledon Tennis Hospitality
  2. Six Nations Rugby Packages at Twickenham
  3. Premier League Football VIP Hospitality
  4. Royal Ascot Packages
  5. Lords Cricket Packages
  6. The Stone Roses VIP Ticket Packages at Wembley
  7. Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality
  8. Aegon Championships Hospitality at Queens
  9. Cheltenham Festival Packages
  10. British Grand Prix Hospitality at Silverstone

We hope you have found the above helpful but do feel free to contact us with any questions.