Which sporting event is the best to invite clients to this summer?

where is best to entertain clientsThere are an array of sporting events to take your clients to in the summer ranging from the Men’s Final at Wimbledon to watching the rowing at Henley.

There is no “best” event as it is all down to the individual and their preference, some people might find a day watching cricket at Lords enthralling whilst to others it would be the most boring day of their summer.

Please see below a list of some of the major events taking place this summer with the factors to take into consideration.


Taking your clients to Wimbledon This is probably the most popular sporting event over the summer in terms of entertaining clients.

People tend to love it because it because of the tradition, the opportunity to see the best players in the world up close, the location and of course the strawberries and cream.

It is also popular because it appeals to men and women and you get to spend a lot of time with your clients. The negative of taking clients here is the cost as it is probably the most expensive event in the summer with hospitality to the Men’s Final over £4,000 per person.

If you do have clients who enjoy tennis but can’t justify the spend, the Aegon Championships a couple of weeks before start from just £299 per person

Cricket at Lords

Cricket packages and hospitality at LordsLords, is the home of cricket, and to some the first day of the test match in July is the highlight of the sporting calendar, especially if it’s England taking on Australia.

To others though getting an invite to the cricket at Lords would be the last thing they want and it doesn’t tend to be the sport that appeals to women so if your clients are predominantly female it might be best to look at other options.

The key here is to establish whether your clients like cricket before you ask them, if they do then a test match at Lords would be ideal and cricket also offers the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your clients and compared to Wimbledon it can be a lot cheaper.

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot HospitalityA day at the races is probably one of the most fun sporting events to attend in the summer and Royal Ascot is the highlight of summer’s racing fixtures.

The Queen attends most days and there is the Royal Procession too which people love to see.

Another good thing about Royal Ascot is that there is a package for everyone, prices start from around £300.

If want a VIP package with access to the Royal Enclosure there are also options available too.

We find that Royal Ascot, along with Wimbledon, are the most popular events for women.

British Grand Prix

Formula One is probably the most glamorous sporting event and the British Grand Prix attracts thousands of people each year.

If your clients love their cars and motorsport then this is the invite to give them as they won’t be disappointed with the races starting from early morning with the actual Grand Prix starting at around 2pm.

On the flip side it isn’t a cheap day, a table of ten on the Sunday would cost around £10,000 and also Silverstone isn’t the easier place to get to.

The qualifying day on the Saturday is a popular alternative because it is a lot cheaper and less people attend so it is easier to get away afterwards.


We hope we have given you a brief overview of the main events, there are of course other sporting events such as Henley and the Open Golf which may be more of interest to your clients.