Feb 28, 2016
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Which is the best day to take clients to Wimbledon?

When is the best day to go to wimbledon The Wimbledon tennis championships is the biggest tennis tournament in the world and takes place each year at the end of June / beginning of July.

It is one of the most popular corporate events during the year and we often get asked when is the best day to take clients to Wimbledon. In order to make your decision easier we have listed a couple of points below to take into consideration.

What do different days cost?

The hospitality experience is the same whether you go on the first day or the Men’s Final but obviously the men’s final is more expensive as it is the climax of the tournament with the winner declared Champion.

besto day to go to wimbledonThe cost varies significantly on certain days. A hospitality package which includes a debenture seat is around £4000 for the men’s final which is more than a lot of people can afford.

Similarly a table for ten would be around £40,000 which may be beyond most companies’ batches.

However the Ladies final, the day before, is less than half that price. If you are looking to go to Wimbledon just to sample the whole experience a hospitality package on the second Thursday to include a number one court debenture ticket is £600.

As you can see the prices vary a lot. As a rule of thumb, during in the second week, the mens’ last sixteen round, quarter finals, semi-finals and final are a lot more expensive that the corresponding ladies’ days.

Do you want to watch the Men or Ladies?

In the first week of Wimbledon the opening match of the tournament features the Men’s defending Champion whilst the first game of the second day of the Championships opens up with the Ladies defending champion.

Aside from these two matches, the rest of the games during that first week are a mixture of men’s and ladies tennis so if you buy a hospitality package for centre court or number one court you will see a mixture of men and ladies play.
The second week it is more structured:
Monday – Men’s Last Sixteen
Tuesday – Ladies Quarter Final
Wednesday – Men’s Quarter Final
Thursday – Ladies semi-final
Friday – Men’s Semi Final
Saturday – Ladies Final
Sunday – Men’s Final.

What’s the best day for your client?

Wimbledon HospitalityIf there is a key client you want to entertain it’s best you find out what day is best for them to attend.

You may have the budget to entertain them at the Men’s Final but it is on a Sunday and many people like to spend the weekend with their family and loved ones, however appealing that ticket may be generally.

We also find Monday’s aren’t the most popular days as people often have things to catch up on and have weekly meetings.

Thursday is a popular day but we tend to find Fridays are the most appealing – people are more relaxed as it’s the weekend coming up and afternoons tend to be quieter for most. The Men’s semi-final is on the second Friday and if you have a centre court hospitality package you would see both games.

We hope this has given you a good guide to the best corporate entertainment days Wimbledon. With regards to hospitality packages, the day tends to start at around 10am and end at 7/8pm. Matches on centre and number one court usually begin at 1pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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