Ramsen – Trustpilot – June 2023

6 of us booked 2 yacht days (Saturday qualifying and Sunday race) for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix with Rocket Hospitality. It exceeded our high expectations. It delivered on all fronts when it comes to service on the yacht, food quality, champagne/wine, view on the trackside, ease of getting to the yacht from the dock, as well as any questions we had for Matt from Rocket Hospitality. Two yachts over from us was Nico Rosberg’s boat and 3 over on the other side was Conor MacGregor’s, so I would say we had a pretty VIP view having the same one as theres. One nice thing was neither day was as “packed” on the yacht as I thought it may be so it was easy to get around. I had also considered Senate Grand Prix before my friend found Rocket and after our experience, I would totally book with Rocket again. As a bonus, they said they would have a previous F1 driver doing a Q and A on the Sunday day and I thought it would just be a lesser known driver for photo ops, but it was actually Felipe Massa himself in our intimate setting answering questions. So that was pretty awesome as well. 5 stars, would totally recommend